Friend Request

Laura Marshall
Published by Little, Brown

Friend Request

Friend Request will be published by Sphere (Little, Brown) in the UK and Commonwealth in 2017, by Grand Central Publishing (Little, Brown) in the USA in 2017, by Blanvalet (Random House) in Germany in 2018 and by Fleuve Editions (Univers Poche) in France in 2018.

Maria Weston wants to be friends with you.

Louise had always known that when she was at school. But Maria didn’t fit in with the cool crowd, and the rumours that had followed her from her last school made her easy to bully in the summer of 1989.

So when Louise receives a Facebook friend request from Maria in 2016, she’s horrified. Because Maria died more than twenty-five years ago.

Didn’t she?

As Louise tries to find out who's behind the request and the chilling messages that follow, she's drawn back to her circle of old school friends; and when a tragic event drags the past into the present, she is forced to figure out who she can trust and to face the guilty memories she thought she'd left behind.

Memories that include her own dark secrets – secrets that threaten to destroy her carefully constructed life.

Read the first chapter of Friend Request below.

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